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The Green House concert named ‘COLLIDE’ was conducted on 9th November 2010 with all Pomp and glory. Starting from the invocation of the almighty till the rendition of classical dance numbers, the mime, the yoga and to top it all the alien’s visit from planet Mercury all was marvellous. It was a programme of fun, music, decorum and sanity.

The programme started with the invocation to Lord Ganesh and the lighting of the lamps by our CEO Mam. The opening song was a chorus of “Hey Ishwar Hey Allah” save us. The Barbie dance by the 2nd and 3rd grade girls was a splendid dance number, with the little girls performing with great synchronization.

The ‘Mime’ – a novel method of expressing or conveying an issue was performed with actions only. It was a very impressive work and the message was conveyed with all sincerity. Yoga – was performed by boys and girls of 3rd to 5th grades the supple bodies the graceful postures and the heart – throbbing recital of the mantras was indeed magnificent. The semi-classical dance by the senior girls was both graceful and musical, the audience was spell bound. The Hindi skit by senior boys was performed and the English song rendition by a solo performer went well. But the Odissi dance by an enthusiastic duo depicted the Shiv Tandav, which was superb in its beat and attire. But the real cherry on the cake was the alien or the superhuman who visited all of us and greeted all with his roaring laughter. The alien was a wonderful invention of very creative minds. The audience was impressed and baffled by its magical postures.