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Global Leadership Certificates from ORBIS INSTITUTE, Colorado, United States of America

4th May, 2011 : Forty four students of KiiT International School and Kalinga Institute of Social Science were awarded Global Leadership Certificates from ORBIS INSTITUTE, Colorado, United States of America at a graduation ceremony held in the Assembly Hall of KiiT International School. Sriya Twinkle Battacharyya (from Florida) and Carrie Ahrens(from Colorado), who are Orbis Institute Global Education Fellows have been teaching Global Leadership Course to KiiT-IS and KISS students for several months. Twinkle and Carrie, on behalf of the Orbis Institute came here to facilitate a global leadership course to empower young people to think critically about issues in their community and the world and be a part of the solutions.

In this Global Leadership Course, the class was divided into different units: globalization, poverty/economics, environment, health, and social issues and a leadership component. Students had been having a great time learning about different issues pertaining the world. Different projects and presentations had been held throughout the course, including a field trip to a village.

At a graduation ceremony today, students who had been instructed to work in teams of 8 to learn about an international city (U.S., Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East) and analyze issues existent in that city in four key areas, health, environment, social, and economic, showed the audience beautiful presentations on Tokyo, Beirut, Buenos Aires and Nairobi.

KiiT International School expresses our sincere gratitude to Twinkle and Carrie who have been staying with us on our campus for several months to teach and guide the students through Global Leadership Course. We are also very much grateful to ORBIS INSTITUTE for making this programme available for our students.

  Carrie and Twinkle   Every problem has a solution   Future global leaders  
  Graduates   Having a serious discussion on stage   Skit being presented  
  The backdrop   The proud graduates with their teachers   With students' project works