A research team from Mayo Clinic, USA visited KiiT International School in the month of September to start a program called InSciEd Out in collaboration with KiiT School of Biotechnology and KiiT University. The program is headed by Dr. Christopher Pierret, Assistant Professor and InSciEd Out Co-ordinator, Mayo Clinic. The purpose of InSciEd Out is to share the culture, language and practice of science excellence with all students in our local, national and global communities. The program Facilitates partnerships among scientists, educators, industry and other community partners to rebuild science education practices for the 21st century and bring available technology and mentorship to the community. It empowers the development of a diverse group of learners who are ready for college and workplace success in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. It plans to create a conduit for science literacy that results in improved health outcomes for communities.

So far our school have participated in two programs organized by InSciEd Out. The first was conducted by Joanna Yang a Ph.D student of Mayo Clinic and Dr. Adita Joshi, Research Scientist IGIB and InSciEd Out Co-ordinator of Delhi. In this workshop the scientists carried a survey on mental health illness and addiction on students on class 8th to 10th. The survey was based on set of questionnaire. It also helped them to understand the outlook of the students on other students suffering from mental health related issues.

In the next program the team carried out workshop for students and teachers on Zebra fish. The students of Grade 8th and 9th were made to study Zebra Fish under microscope and its embryonic stages. The teachers were then made to interact with Dr. Pierret as well as other scientists from KiiT School of Biotechnology.

With successful workshops they will collaborate with the school and train the teachers who will train the students to develop a different outlook towards science and thus excel in the field.