Prof. Achyuta Samanta

In the prevailing scenario, school education has become very important. Unless and until the quality of education at the school-level is improved, it is foolish to expect quality education in higher education. After achieving many successes in professional education, we have taken a new initiative to set up one school of international standard. KiiT International School, under the KIIT Group of Institutions, will definitely be one of the best in the coming days and students will benefit from it.

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Brand Ambassador, KiiT International School Iconic Writer Ruskin Bond

KiiT International School embodies a commitment to quality education that is of an exceptional order. This has been possible because of its willingness to embrace global educational practices based on intensive research and modern pedagogy. Students are encouraged to explore, discover and learn for life, so that what is planned in the curriculum transforms into a meaningful process of unraveling concepts, ideas, perspectives and values.

Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson, KiiT International School

A warm welcome to KiiT International School!

KiiT International School was established to fill the absence of an international school in Eastern India. In the preceding years, we have worked hard to give it a truly international character. The school is already offering the IGCSE from Cambridge and is now an IB World School, authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization, Geneva, to teach the IB's prestigious Diploma Programme from 2011. CBSE is offered as the national curriculum.

KiiT International School respects cultures and religions of different nationalities, exuding an international ethos on its campus. Using the latest teaching methods, maintaining a low teacher-student ratio and emphasizing close relationships between teachers and students, all help students make the best of either curriculum - national or international. The pedagogy of the school, imparted by experienced teachers from different parts of the world, fosters creative thinking and problem solving abilities. However, the focus of KiiT International School goes beyond developing core academic competencies. It uniquely integrates ethical values in the curriculum to help children explore and internalize the virtues of truth, righteous conduct, love, freedom, non-violence and peace. The alumni of KiiT International School will be global citizens - academically excellent and socially concerned.


Pradip Kumar Das is a well-known educator and has over 25 years of experience in teaching and educational administration. His expertise is in setting up International Schools and providing effective leadership. Among the schools he has set up are Greenwood High in Bangalore, Indus International School in Pune and Candor International School in Bangalore. Having been the former Vice-Principal and Acting Principal of the first IB School in India (Kodaikanal International School) he is well versed with how the IBProgrammes run. Prior to his joining Kodaikanal International School, he taught graduate and post graduate students for 14 years. During this period he was chosen as a Langham Scholar to do his M.Litt. at the University of Bristol, UK. He has also seen Indus International School, Pune and Candor International School, Bangalore through the entire IB DP authorisation process from application, candidature, consultationto authorisation.


He also served as the Principal of two reputed ICSE and ISC schools: Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling and Baldwin Boys High School, Bangalore. He also was the Principal of Mount Hermon Teacher's Training College, Darjeeling and Principal of Baldwin Polytechnic College, Bangalore. He is well versed with the IGCSE affiliation process as he successfully led Indus International School, Pune and Candor International School, Bangalore to their IGCSE affiliation.  


While in the UK he conducted workshops and delivered lectures on comparative religion and British India History both in the UK and the Netherlands. He has a number of published works to his credit. He is also very competent in designing and planning infra-structure, and curriculum for International schools.  

Dr. Geoffrey Fisher

Geoffrey is an experienced IB educator and school leader with over thirty years' experience in diverse settings in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and South America. His nineteen years of headship have been built on twelve previous years' experience of traditional UK boarding schools.


Geoffrey joins The Academy from The Antwerp International School, Belgium, where he has been Headmaster since 2010. Prior to this, Geoffrey was founding Head of the United World College, Maastricht; Principal of Kodaikanal International School, Tamil Nadu and Scotch College Adelaide and Headmaster of St Andrew's Scots School, Buenos Aires. He is an active member of UK Headmasters and Headmistresses Conference (HMC); AHISA; founding and lifetime member of LAHC; IB Heads Association; the European NECIS and US-based Academy of International School Heads, AISH.  


Geoffrey was awarded a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) from the University of Bath in 2011, with specialization of governance; whole school effectiveness and improvement. He additionally lectures for Endicott College on their Masters of International School Leadership.  

Mr. Sanjay Suar, Principal, KiiT International School

Education is the greatest gift of the Almighty to mankind. It has been serving as a fulcrum of civilization over the ages, and has witnessed a series of unending experiments. The basic ethos of education has been the same - self emancipation. In recent times, education has become synonymous with human progress. The role of education is nothing less than that of a catalyst. As a harbinger of a sequel of technocratic revolutions, education has proven its stature as indispensable and second to none. In the early part of the twenty-first century, it seems as if education is going to face numerous challenges both from internal and external agencies. The upcoming threats are also knocking at the doorsteps of a value-ridden society. The turpitude in moral-base will no doubt cost dearly for the sustainability of the establishment of the intellectual society. But, the ray of hope lies only in education. The teachers and the school need to determine the correlation between education design and delivery and student learning which can be used as a critical management tool for progressive learning. Its role is going to be immense in the coming days to sort out all the problems and to carve out a newer and better solution which will fit everyone's need. Tomorrow will see a sea-change in the approaches and modalities of imparting education and the same with its acceptance. The world is rightfully preparing itself for a big change. Are you ready? I'm extremely grateful to the KIIT society for developing this quality international school.

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I believe education in this century is rather misconstrued at times as a means to success and recognition monetarily rather than learning to think critically and to challenge. The purpose of education is to create sensitive minds rather than successful careers. A culture that recognizes the importance of knowledge as a means of empowerment is one that will create a legacy of wisdom and compassion. As idealistic as it sounds, the aim of education is to foster values that endure and help us discover life as a process that will enhance, enrich and empower. A truly civilized society is one whose soul is education that enriches each generation.

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INLAKS SCHOLAR, Coordinator School Projects Outreach Programme

Mr. Bijoy B. Mathur has had the opportunity to work in frontier Laboratories in science, agriculture and genetics during his career. He embarked on research at the Nuclear Research Laboratory, I.A.R.I, New Delhi and then, at the Botany School of Oxford University, in the United Kingdom. He considers himself fortunate and privileged to have attended lectures by famous persons like Prof. Amartya Sen an outstanding economist, later awarded a Nobel prize for a study on the economics of poverty, Dr. Stephen Hawking, renowned scientist and philosopher, former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and Nobel laureate Abdus Salam.

Mr. Mathur recalls his time with N.A.S.A. 'It was an awesome experience to watch the Saturn V rockets that took men to the moon during the Apollo programme'. Furthermore, he took part in the formulation of a combined conference discussing future missions and policies.

In India he has been developing teaching methods to allow children to excel in science and present themselves at local, state, national and international platforms. These students have been invited to the Indian Science Congress, Intel Science Fair, U.S.A. and to N.A.S.A. Ames, San Francisco, and Huntsville, Alabama to make the state of Odisha and India proud.

Mr. Eneja Kumar Sahoo, Chief Coordinator (CBSE)

Education plays a key role in creating positive, disciplined and responsible citizen.

Our approach is to support the students who aspire for higher studies in India and abroad by offering them a wide array of curricular and co-curricular opportunities. We aim at integrated development of their personality which not only brings out their innate qualities but also grooms them for the job markets. A team of selected and efficient faculty is the key to our success. They untiringly support the system to nurture students to discover their strength. Uniformity in examination and evaluation system facilities academics, on the other hand, encourages the spirit of enquiry and rational thinking among the students.

The future of a society, state lies in innovation, new ideas and ground-breaking approaches. An independent thinker is capable of creating new opportunities for society.

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Ms. Suprava Sahu, Co-ordinator IGCSE

Ms. Suprava Sahu has been involved in international education for last eight years, the last three of which have been at KiiT International School. She has taught at international schools in both the Maldives and Indonesia. She has a dynamic personality, with a strong background in Economics and Business Administration. Apart from teaching, she enjoys time in philately activities, music and reading.