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Kingfisher House Concert - 'Electrifying Rhythm'

26.08.11 One the most interesting and breath-taking evenings at KiiT International School is ‘the concert evening’. Each House has a concert evening to display a variety of items including dances, singing, short-plays etc. This year, Kingfisher House got the first chance to conduct concert, which they did at a well-decorated Assembly Hall.

After Pooja Joshi and Vaibhav Singh, hosts of the concert welcomed the gathering, the programme began with lighting of the lamps by our Chairperson Madam Mona Lisa Bal, Principal Mr. Sanjay Suar, Head of International Curriculum Mr Craig Patterson, Head of IGCSE Mr Thomas Mathew and Mr Khatua, Director of KIIT Film Institute.

To welcome the audience, a beautiful welcome song was then sung by Kingfisher Choir which was followed by an incredible dance performance by the tiny tots. Up next was a traditional dance performed by Grades 10&11 girls, dressed with awesome golden sarees. This was then followed by a short-play ‘The Merchant of Venice’. The actors, who surprised most of us with their natural acting skills, thus took us back to the Shakespearean era.

The play was followed by modern dance from sub-senior boys and girls. After group performances, audiences were blown away by beautiful solo singing performances from Akriti Jain and Suraj Pattnaik. Modern Dance from senior boys and girls was also one of themost entertaining items of the evening. Throughout the programme, quiz questions were also thrown to the audience which very much lighten up the already great evening. It was an evening to be remembered. We all had a really great time. Thank you Kingfisher House! Simply electrifying!.