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Kingfishers’ AZURE Evening

The stage was set, the mood was right, more so because the children had completed their examinations and were waiting for their Dussehra holidays to begin. It was time for Celebration!! The Kingfishers, or Blue House, very aptly called their concert the “Azure” evening. Azure means deep sky-blue colour. In the backdrop of the deep blue sky, our school’s stars not just twinkled, but outshone everyone else.

The ceremony started with the CEO lighting the lamp. The anchors for the evening were Devisha, Smarak and Balween, who did a wonderful job. The Kingfishers rendered a warm welcome to the audience by singing a beautiful song. This was followed by the Rajasthani folk dance, in which Sunidhi, Madhusmita, Rashmi, Induja and Ellora brought the evening into momentum. Devisha, Aman, Navneet, Rishab and Vaibhav presented a comedy skit called Modern Ramayana, where the sustenance of the delicate ties of human relationships, was emphasised upon.

The audience rejoiced when the song ‘Bum bum bole…’ from 3 Idiots, started playing. Karishma, Sonali Supriya, Sonali Hota, Prishita, Ritika and the vivacious Vikrant, enraptured the event with their performance on this song. Akriti sang the Love Story song melodiously. The spirit of internationalism was displayed in the Fusion dance where the Kingfishers presented different dance forms from all over the world.

Besides all this celebration, our children paid an endearing tribute to Amiya, a Kingfisher, who is no more with us. Nevertheless, we know that he must be smiling at us from somewhere above.
The “Azure” evening was appreciated and applauded by everybody in the audience. The Principal, Mr. Sanjay Suar, summed it up rightly, by describing the concert as Awesome, Zestful, Unforgettable and Really Excellent!