International Curriculum Admission Procedure

International curriculum admission procedure may be an "In-Person" or "Distance" application. "In-Person" means the application will be done here at KiiT International School, face-to-face. "Distance" means that the application process will take place via email, telephone calls or Skype.

"Distance" application procedure

1. Forms: completion of forms online

2. Review: of application by School

3. Interview: with parents and students via Skype or phone interview
4. Outcome: informing the parents and students the outcome of the admission application
5. Fees: payment of tuition fees as per the guidelines
1. Completion of forms online, emailing of forms
Parents and students must complete the appropriate application forms online. All applications include:
  A scanned photograph (recent) of the student
  A scanned photograph of the parents
  A scanned photograph of the parents of the local guardians
  A scanned photograph photo-page of passport which includes date of birth
  Scanned previous school reports/transcripts from the last three (3) years
The above document need to be scanned/uploaded and emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 0091 674 2715453.

If documents are posted, KiiT international School recommends using a reliable courier. Post should be clearly marked "TO INTERNATIONAL CURRICULM ADMISSION OFFICE". By-post applications may delay the admissions process. KiiT international School strongly advises using email rather than post.

  • Prospectus & Application fees DO NOT APPLY to "distance applications"
  • All other fees are only payable if and when ADMISSION IS GRANTED
The Subject Selection form for IGCSE or IBDP is provisional and only used for timetable and university pathway information. Final subject selection is made in consultation with parents upon final admission.
Application for Registration and Admission
Student Health Record
Subject Selection: IGCSE
Subject Selection: IBDP

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2. Review: of application by School

KiiT International School receives applications from students with a variety of educational backgrounds. Depending on the applicant and his/her educational background, formal placement tests may be needed in order to place students in the most appropriate class and level of instruction. Tests will be in English, Math and Science. Tests are based on the previous grade's general learning outcomes. These learning outcomes have been taken from a range of Indian in international curriculum.

For example the placement tests for Grade 9, or 11 will be based on both Indian and international standards in Grade 8 and 10 respectively. These tests are not designed to measure a student's capacity memorized facts, but rather to assess his or her ability to read, comprehend, and apply knowledge and concepts which indicate understanding.

A suitable venue and supervisor or proctor of the placement tests would need to be arranged. The tests would be sent to the proctor form KiiT international school, the students would complete the tests under supervision, and the tests would be scanned and emailed by tot the admission office.

English as Mother Tongue or Second Language
For some students, a formal evaluation of the level of competency is English is needed in order to support their language needs with our English as a Second Language (ESL) programme.
Second/Foreign Languages

Students who have previous experience in a second language (French, Spanish or Hindi) which they plan to continue at by KiiT International School will need to demonstrate their level of competency in that language.

The Arts

Students who wish to pursue formal studies in the Arts (Visual Art, Music, Drama, or Dance) should be prepared to explain/show their level of skill either through a portfolio of work or a demonstration.

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3. Interview with parents and students via Skype or phone interview

Depending on the application, a phone interview or Skype interview may be necessary. A convenient for the parents, student, and School will be arranged by the Admissions Office. The interview will be conducted by either an admissions officer or the IGCSE/IBDP curriculum Head. The purpose of this interview is to clarify information on the application and to get to know our prospective parents and students on a more personal level.

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4. Informing the parents and students the outcome of the admission application

Parents are informed via telephone or email of the outcome of the application process. Normally, all interview and placement procedures can be finalized within 1 working week. In some cases further information is needed which can delay the process.

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5. Payment of Fees
The Registration and Admission Fee and Composite fee are payable in Indian Rupees.
On receiving confirmation of admissions and an invitation to join the school, parents are required to pay the following fees within 14 working days:
  • Registration and Admissions fee
  • 50% of the Composite Fee
On receiving these payments, the admissions process will be deemed to be complete.
  • September 1st 2012, 100% of Composite Fee due

Parents can consult the Fee Schedule to determine the total Composite fees payable. KiiT international School accepts cash, personal cheques and wire transfers.

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