Young change makers are here in town.

October 16th 2012:  two young students of Class 10, Ojas Sahashrabuddhe and Madhumita Acharya from Pune Young Changemakers Conclave gave a talk on social issues and sensitized students and faculty members about various social and environmental problems hence inspiring our students to become agents of change for a better world.

Ojas spoke about environmental issues, judicious use of paper etc, as well as social issues like female foeticide, female infanticide, dowry system etc.

Ojas spoke Madhumita, on the other hand spoke about the street children and their lost childhood using visuals and short films. It was followed by an interactive question answer session.

The young Changemakers wish to hold their next conclave in June 2013 in Bhubaneswar, and this was a precursor for that project.