Vespers 9 Evening in KiiT International School.

8th February 2013, the second Friday of the month saw another section of the school organize a forum for parents, in keeping with the new initiative launched by the school for greater parental involvement. The sub senior section of the school comprising of Grades 6 to 8 organised an evening social for parents to showcase some of their existing activities and appraise them of their future plans for the children.

Parents too voiced their views freely and it became an interactive session with a purpose. The large group of language teachers expressed their views on how knowledge of languages was useful for a child to be a global learner. The conclusion was brought out by Ms. Rashmita Rao, the Coordinator. This was very well received by the parents. The Social Studies, Science and Math teachers jointly presented their views on Integrated Learning, anchored by Ms. Padma -------------------. Mr. Ajay ---------------- and Ms.Anupama ------------------- pitched in with their bit as Math and Science teachers. Besides, the interactive session was moderated expertly by Ms. Rashmita Rao, and the anchors Mr. Gordon Barren and Ms. Monica Mahapatra were peppy and enthusiastic. Mr. Rabindra ---------------------- won many hearts with a beautiful song and Deputy Head, Ms. Nandita Mishra highlighted the importance of English for students in school. The last word was of course left to Mr. Sanjay Suar, Principal who interestingly donned the role of a parent, much to the delight of the teachers and parents.

A group of students from Grade 7 performed a skit, directed by Ms. Aparajita ------------------- for their parents. The welcome address in English and Sanskrit was a pleasant detour from the norm and was handled by Ms. Aparajita ------------------------ and Ms. Anita Karan.