Vespers 9 is an initiative by KiiT IS to ensure greater parental involvement and participation as a per-requisite of quality education in an international ethos.

To flap off this initiative, parents of students of Grades 3 to 5 were invited for a social on 11th January 2013 at 5pm over high tea.

It was well attended to say the least Parents opened their hearts and shared their concerns spelling out their expectations in the process. Many of them landed the teachers for their efforts.

Specific areas were also address by the faculty members like the importance of parental involvement in school by Mr.Littlewood. The tale of a teacher by Mr. Baracliff.The need for abiding passion in life such as dance by Ms.Nirlipta Biswal and Integrated teaching learning systems in Education by Ms. Nandiota Mishra. Ms.Debashree Das Mahapatra and Mr.Barracliff anchored the show which had a special flavor of fusion music from Ms.Ahalya and her team. Well done KiiT International School Vespers 9 team!