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20th August,2011 : The first ever KiiT YOUNG MASTERMINDS 2011, an Inter-School Quiz Competition was organized by KiiT International School. Mr. Pattnaik and his team beautifully decorated the Assembly Hall and the reception area. Quiz teams from different prominent schools started to arrive the venue from 8:30 onwards and a written test was held in Language Lab and Computer Lab at 9:20 a.m. While the students were appearing the written test, our young and smart leaders of different grades took the accompanying teachers and parents for a tour of the school.

Written Test result was announced by our Principal Mr. Sanjay Suar and the schools which made it to the Stage Round were BJEM, DAV Pokhariput, Ruchika High School, Loyala School, Vikash Residential and SAI International School. The Stage Round began at 11:00 a.m at Assembly Hall, packed with grades 6-10 students, who kept cheering up the participants throughout the competition. It was really nice to see Mr. Littlewood (the Quizmaster for the First Stage Round) on the stage, throwing questions based on Current Events and General Knowledge.

The competition got tougher when the Second Round opened. With Mr. James taking the stage as the Quizmaster, the Buzzer Round, which was also the Audio-Visual round began. The participants performed very well in this round; Loyala School was on the lead. The most difficult round however was the Rapid Fire Round. The knowledge the participants displayed through this round was very impressive. The competition ended at 1:00 p.m as planned and all the participants, their teachers and parents were then ushered to Dining Hall for a delicious lunch after the results were announced. The results were : Champion, KiiT Youngmastermind 2011 DAV, Pokhariput; Runner Up Loyala School. Our heartfelt congratulations to the winners.

We thank all the students, teachers and administrative staffs who took extra effort in organizing this event. Its your enthusiasm and effort, which made this event possible; thank you. We also thank all the participants, teachers and parents who came here for this event, if it had not been for you, the event would have never been a success. We would love to have you again next year.