NCLF Resonance in KiiT-IS

The acronym has become synonymous with KIIT-IS in the last few years. Authors, story tellers, cartoonists, illustrators and performers come together on a platform to share their journey with young minds from across the country, and it is smorgasbord of brilliance.

On 10th December 2016, NCLF opened to milling enthusiastic youngsters accompanied by their teachers to KiiT International School. The youngsters waited for a glimpse of literati and if the stars willed it, perhaps a couple of pictures in the frame would be the icing on the cake. But there was a lot more in store for the packed auditorium full of young people.

Mr Ruskin Bond, ambassador for KiiT International School, Sahitya Academy awardee and Padma Bhushan was the cynosure for not just the audience, but also for the other panelists the dais. Mr. Christopher Doyle, Ms Rituparna Ghosh, Mr. Amrutash Mishra, Rohan Chakravarty and Mr Bickram Grewal truly signified what was the best in Indian writing in English. The skill set mix provided a complete spectrum for future creative minds waiting to soak in the opportunity.

The festival opened with the welcome song by KiiT-IS choir aptly rendering Pankhon ko hawa zarasi lagne do. The panel was welcomed by Dr Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson, KiiT International School. Founder, Dr Achyuta Samanta felicitated the dignitaries. Principal, Mr Sanjay Suar thanked the panel. Mrs Saswati Bal graced the occasion with her dignified presence.

The crisp morning air, the anticipation of the audience and the warmth and hospitality of the School management seemed to have had a rub off effect on the panel, specially Mr Ruskin Bond. While he acknowledged his lasting connection with KiiT International School, he tickled the funny bone of the audience referring to his expanding girth that made him a cartoonist's delight, in his inimitable style. His connect was instant and he set the tone for the rest of the day. Mr. Bond lauded the School for its literary vision and its initiative in publishing a literary magazine Kloud 9, under his editorship. He encouraged the audience to follow their heart and their literary aspirations without being intimidated by rejections and fear of failure.

Mr Christopher Doyle briefly shared his literary meanderings before he realised his calling in life. The writer is born unknown to you when you play daddy to your children, through those bedtime stories. The need to share those stories is what makes you a writer. His thoughts resonated with the crowd and set the course for a fruitful interactive session.

The art of putting together a good tale and articulating it to an audience has always been a catalyst to create future readers and helping a child wander into the world of imagination and creativity. Storytelling sessions in lit fests are a blast from the past and have become a rage with children and adults today.Ms Rituparna Ghosh, storyteller hinted at her special ability to tell a story as she shared her foray into storytelling, when she shared her grandmas tales with her children. It was decisive as she chose to tell her stories to an audience over a career as a television producer. Her verbal histrionics foretold her special ability, and considering the fact that she had Mr Bond's tale in her story bag, it was enough to send the auditorium on an adrenalin rush. Mr Amrutash Mishra of Kathalaya, with his dramatic entry and his opening hello made with bird tweets was distinctive like his craft. The participants in the fest were spoilt for choice indeed. Coupled with this eclectic mix, was the youthful energy of the dental surgeon turned wildlife and environment cartoonist, Mr Rohan Chakravarty as the perfect amalgam of a literary journey of aspiration. Mr. Bickram Grewal, ornithologist who joined the team later made the experience as an exciting one to savour.

At KiiT International School, we value and understand the need for a holistic experience. The dreamer and the dream catcher must walk in tandem. Literary expression is complete when the written word is illustrated by the strokes of the artist, communicated with the candour do a storyteller and performed with the virtuosity of the singer. The Calcutta Chambers Orchestra enthralled the audience with a wonderful evening fusion performance of western and Bollywood pieces.

A literary fest for young people has now become a literary feast of delectable delicacies, nurtured and served by the best minds and hearts in the country to be savoured by a those who aspire to connect with the world long after their time, immortalised in the essence of the human soul. One runs out of adjectives to describe this quest of a unique institution as it marches on to scale new peaks, undiscovered and unexplored by the rest of the fraternity, poised and crystallised for glory!!!