The National Children's Literary Fest - 2014

The National Children's Literary fest hosted by KiiT International School set many a pulse racing as children from all over the country came to participate in the festival on 18th and 19th of December, giving it the perfect impetus. A conflagration of Literary illuminati, with Mr. Ruskin Bond as the pivot, Mr. Jerry Pinto, Mr. Chandrahaas Choudhury, Ms. Vinita Zutshi, story teller and raconteur together with well-known publisher, Mr. Ravi Singh, the skyline of Odisha seemed to be lit up with imaginative magnificence.

Mr. Jerry Pinto, in his opening remarks emphasized on children's right to choose between reading and other recreational activities, adding that were a child to choose reading, it would help the imagination take flight and help him live his dream.

Mr. Chandrahaas Choudhury thanked the School for the opportunity to come back to his home state and be a child here once again, saying that it is often the small town ethos of a place like Bhubaneswar that allows the imagination to take flight and make a writer of the avid reader in childhood.
Mr. Ravi Singh, well known publisher highlighted on the need to buy and read lots of books before one ventured into the solitary path of writing.
Mr. Ruskin Bond endorsed his views, saying that the anonymity of a writer was the first step. He also said that a certain amount of preparedness to becoming a writer was essential, and one should write for the love of it, and not for fame and riches, as very few writers really earn wealth in their lifetime.
Ms. Vinita Zutshi provided a glimpse of her abilities as a storyteller, underpinning the power of a story, and the need to understand that life itself is a story like no other.
The guests were welcomed by the Chairperson of the School, Dr. Mona Lisa Bal and Mrs. Saswati Bal, President KIIT and KISS encouraged students to enjoy the flavor of the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata whose brilliance and creativity is still inimitable and exceptional. It is the classics which have laid the foundation of all literature.
A great beginning to a wonderful fest with a difference.