The Third KiiT IS Model United Nations Meet is underway

The Third KiiT IS Model United Nations Meet is underway. The School is hosting one of the largest MUNs in the country from 8th August 2014 to 10th August 2014. More than 450 delegates from nearly 30 Schools from all over India are attending the meet.
Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson of the School welcomed the dignitaries and the delegates in the presence of the Founder, KIIT and KISS, Dr. Achyuta Samanta. Dr. Bal's address was thought provoking and beyond mere rhetoric. Mr. Manickaraj Kannan, UNDP representative from Jammu and Kashmir was the chief guest. A distinguished officer from the Indian Administrative Service, Mr. Manickaraj Raj connected with the audience as he emphasized on the importance of debate in society. He highlighted the fact that it wasn't merely enough to be a powerful orator and a confident speaker, but to have the ability to listen to an alternative point of view and to respect it. The success of a delegation should be determined on how well they attune themselves to voices of dissent and arrive at a consensus, in order to take society forward. He struck a chord of connection with his snippets of experience and vignettes of life, which set the tone for the Council.
Dr. Samanta addressed the delegates, highlighting the role of policy makers in order to create a balanced harmonious world order. Dr. Samanta felt that heightened parental expectation, ambitious faculty and a rather critical peer group was responsible for the lack of patience and often cosmetic involvement of young people in the world issues around them. His inspiring words and optimism helped to boost mood of the delegation.
Principal, Mr. Sanjay Suar, thanked the dignitaries and the office bearers of the meet which opened with a host of expectations, enthusiasm and verve.