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The KiiT International School has created history by hosting the first ever inter-school Model United Nations in the state of Odisha in collaboration with Odisha Debating Society and United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan. Students hailing from schools from the entire Eastern region stepped into the shoes of delegates of various countries at this Model United Nations Conference. The organisation of this summit was held at a prestigious level where experienced MUNners from all over India had arrived to guide the fresh minds by moderating their councils. MUNning at a tender age of teens is a very difficult task as the entire nations burden is rested upon one’s shoulder and to manage such a portfolio, which the executive board with a combined experience of 200 MUNs had difficulty managing. But these young flowers managed to pull it off at such an ease which left the whole organising committee astonished. Thus, this summit, though just lasted for 2 days, left both the delegates and organisation committee tear-eyed at the time of concluding the ceremony and left everyone with memories to return home with.