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Mr. Abhijit Gupta’s visit

10.09.2011 : Abhijit Gupta, the noted translator of children stories like Mad & Madder, Funny and Funnier by Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay visited us and spent some time with our students. He is also an Associate Professor, Department of English at Jadavpur University . Encouraging students to write stories, Mr Gupta said that anything is possible when one writes a story – animals can talk, things which never happen in real life can happen in a story as the story is based on the imagination of the writer, which does not have any limitation. He read few lines from both MAD & MADDER and FUNNY & FUNNIER to the students; students had a real great time asking questions and listening to Mr. Gupta. We thank Mr. Gupta for making himself available to us; we are looking forward to having him again on our campus.