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The concert hall decorated with a beautifully painted backdrop and flowers was already packed with enthusiastic audience well before the concert began. The decorators, who covered the ceiling lights with yellow fluorescent wrappers, had achieved the yellow lighting effect in the room. A perfect place to be after a day’s work on Friday evening in November. The expectation was high, yet the preparation of IORA House was higher!

The programme began with lighting of the lamps by our guests of the evening Ms Emma Pacilli from South Korea and our own beloved Ms Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson of our school, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Suar, Principal, Mr. Craig Patterson, Head of International Curriculum and his wife Mrs. Patterson and Mr. Thomas Matthew, Head of IGCSE. We also had other guests who joined us later, Mr Khatua, Director of KIIT School of Film and Media Sciences and Mr Gadnayak , Director of KIIT School of Sculpture.

Lighting of the lamps was followed by an Opening Song – ‘I have a dream’ sung by IORA House Choir. Together with the Choir, we crossed the stream and were taken to a land of beautiful dreams. Up next was ‘Chandu Ke Chacha’, a modern dance performed by primary students which was followed by an interesting comedy named ‘A Villa For Sale’. After the drama, the items unfolded continuously..yet another Modern Dance from the hip hop duo Kiran and Sanket, Fusion Music, Classical Dance performed by Baishali and Ritu, Instrumental Music with guitar solo from Sumit Pal. And then there was a solo performance from Kiran , Korean dance and the programme ended with Bhangra.

Thanks to the IORA HOUSE members and leaders who worked tirelessly for the success of this concert and we convey our special thanks to all the teachers who helped IORA HOUSE prepare for the concert.