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Library Week Celebration.

School Libraries do make a difference in student’s achievement! It was a gala time at the KiiT International School, as the school has been celebrating it’s Book Week, starting from 26th March – 31st March. The new session has started with a bang. In a bid to encourage reading and to inculcate the reading habit, the school library organized a book week celebration, that would involve the entire school. Simultaneously, the book fair also been organized. In order to make the event more interesting and memorable the activities such as ‘Celebrity Talk’,’ Book Mark Making’,’ Design a Book Cover’,’ Book Cover Colouring’,’Author Visit’,’ Story Telling sessions’ and ‘Dress Up like your favourite character’ were held. The highlight of the show was that the ‘Dress Up like Your Favourite Book Character’. Students of all classes participated with much enthusiasm in all the events. But Thursday was like a day where we all felt as if we are in a different world, as many students took part in ‘Dress Up like your favorite book character’, and it looked like as if we were in a fictitious world. As there were Cinderellas, Harry Potters, Barbies, Laura stars, Peter Pan, Super Man, Spider Man and so on.

Students from Nursery – Grade I took part in the book cover coloring activity, Grade II students designed their imaginary Book Covers. Grade III & Grade IV students created their Book Marks and Grade IV students wrote slogans on ‘importance of Reading’. Grade V students went ahead and wrote ‘Book Reviews’, Grade VI students wrote ‘Short Stories’, Grade VII & Grade VIII students took part in ‘Book Review (oral)’, which had inspired their fellow students.

Mr. Shyam Sunder, Mr. Mohanty and Mr. Baracliffe’s sessions with the students were engrossing. They have shared their ideas about reading skills. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. Most of all, these sessions really inspired the students and we sensed the difference with immediate effect.

There was an interesting session with the specialist story teller too. The specialist story teller had visited the school, and her session had been so spell bound as the students were so excited.