Students of KiiT International School formed a human chain from the School gate till Magnet square to express their solidarity for the 6 year old school girl in a reputed School in Bangalore who was violated physically by her teacher in the School. While on the one hand it was a peaceful protest to draw attention to the fact that we have a zero tolerance policy for such heinous acts, it also was a reflection of the students to reinforce the important premise that schools ought to be places that ensure safety and security of students at all times.

The School feels that it will be a step to tell the society that children are precious and deserve to live a life without fear and violation. It is also a reflection of a deep-seated social malaise and that the need to inculcate values of mutual respect and dignity in us.
The placards and banners of students, and the dignified manner in which they conducted themselves, as well as the clarity with which they expressed themselves before the media was laudable.