Karanjia Field Trip

2nd February 2013 : DP1 students recently spent three days on a field trip as part of the CAS Programme for the IB. The CAS Programme is an excellent opportunity for students to gain exposure to different ways of life and to be of service to their community. On Friday we set out in the school bus for the trip to Kapundi, stopping on the way to CYSD head office to discuss our plans for the trip. CYSD is the Centre for Youth and Social Development, and they have a number of projects all around Odisha.

We called to RN High School, where we were given a warm welcome, and students participated in some interesting discussions and fun games with the students, exchanging their different perspectives on their education experiences and plans for their future.

While we were there we saw the water pump that has been set up to improve sanitation facilities in the school. Although it seems like a small thing, it provides an essential service to the school.

The following day we set off to do some real work! After a morning visiting a local children's project, it was time for the students to get their hands dirty. The students divided into two groups, and one group painted the walls in the village. These paints are made from natural materials and brought out the inner artist in the students! Meanwhile, the boys on the CAS Programme helped to dig a tunnel for a pipe that would transport water from the well. It was a hard job but students proved to be willing, capable, and above all they kept a positive attitude throughout the trip.

That wasn't the end of the hard work, as later we visited another school where students cleaned out the pigeon area and dug a hole for composting. We may have been treated like royalty on our entrance to the school, but that didn't stop the students happily telling us what they needed done!

On our last day, students helped in the Plan Project gardens we were staying in, and dug some trenches around lemon trees to enable water to get to the plants.
All in all it was an excellent trip, where students combined action and service in the best possible manner. Thanks to everyone for their cooperation, it was truly a team effort.