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09.10.11 : As we entered the concert hall, the theme of the night which was clearly drawn on the backdrop of the stage caught our eyes first. It read ‘The 27th Alphabet’ and it made us think for a while what the 27th Alphabet might be. It was nice to see most of the teachers and students wearing red color dresses as IBIS House has been identified with the color red.

After our guests of the evening Mr. Khatua, Director of Film and Photography and Mr Gadanayak, Director of Sculpture accompanied by our Chairperson, MS Mona Lisa Bal, our Principal Mr Sanjay Suar and Mr Thomas Mathew, Head of IGCSE arrived, the program began with lighting of lambs.

After the lambs were lighted, we listened to a beautiful welcome song and feasted our eyes on Sambalpuri Dance and Jubidubi Dance performed by the Juniors. Then, Kingfisher House showed us that they are not only good at dancing but also at playing musical instruments. We listened to a piano solo of a beautiful song ‘Imagine’ and guitar solo of a famous song ‘Power of Love’. After this, there was a play named ‘Refund’, Fusion Music, Ek Pyaar Ka nagma, Modern Dance, Summer of Sixty Nine (performed by IBIS House’s Band) and last but not the least was a musical drama – Parents are the best. We all had a good time and thanks to all those who worked really hard for the success of IBIS House concert.