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Toucan House Concert : Dt 19.07.2012

KiiT International School, 19.07.2012 : Assembly Hall was already packed by 5:00 p.m. with students, parents and teachers expecting to be blown far far away by Toucan House Concert titled – GO GREEN. It would not be an overstatement if we say that the audience came away from the concert greener than ever!

The programme began with lighting of lamps by our beloved guests Prof. Himansu Khatua, CEO and Director of KIIT School of Film & Media Sciences and Prof. Adwaita Gadnayak, Director, KIIT School of Sculpture and by the heads of our school. The murmuring sound of the audience subsided when a beautiful song was sung by Toucan House Choir. As the dances and skit were performed, and a band played a beautiful song, we were taken to new heights of joy. The House special item was noteworthy as it brought up an awareness for the need to ‘go green’ for everyone in a very heart touching way. Well done and Kudos Toucan House!