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The moment which all the Toucan family members were awaiting eagerly had arrived, indeed a red letter day in the year.

The evening began to unfold with the welcoming of guests to a sea of Green with flowers bouquet by the tiny tots of Toucans, the lighting of the holy lamp by Mr.& Mrs.Gadanayak and Mr.Himanshu Khatua accompanied by our chair person Mrs.Monalisa Bal and our Principal Mr.Sanjay Suar,Thomas Mathews and Craige Patterson after which a welcome speech by our principal Mr.Sanjay Suar. The programme began with a song of hope for better future and world called ‘Ashaayen’. The members of Toucan’s house performed the song very well and had the audience enthralled with a spectacular performance.

Next was the cutest item where the little students of classes three to five danced enthusiastically to the number
‘ALL IZZ WELL’ followed by solo classical performance by class twelve student which kept the half spell-bounded with her control and class ‘REAL TALENT FOR THE FUTURE’.

The next item of the evening was an English drama called “A DOLLAR”. A play had strong message about materialism and greed. A Kashmiri folk dance was performed elegantly by girls of six and seven grade. It was indeed a marvelous performance. The next segment was a unique talent in music on display by Beomsik Kim of grade three on the Piano.

They went on to perform a fusion piece with the combination of Guitars and Tabala. The audience clapped, whistled and screamed with appreciation. Then the senior dance section which was again full of talent, skill, guts, acrobats and class.

Finally the most important part the house programme “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” the main theme was values and certain social evils which the youth have to face in today’s world.

The curtains came down with a Thank You speech by our Chair Person Mrs.Monalisa Bal who congratulated the efforts and organization of Toucan’s House which was done exceedingly well.

“Congratulations!” to the Toucan family.