ECA Parental Seminar in KiiT International School

Early Childhood Association is an NGO, headquartered in Mumbai that looks to provide stress free childhood to all children under the age of 6. It aims at holistic development of the child addressing his physical, mental and emotional wellbeing at all levels. Learning, health care, hygiene, safety and protection of children in all the environments that is home, school and even the creche is the essence of ECA.

KiiT International School hosted the Early Childhood Association Seminar on November 22nd, 2014 in the School premises. The first parental seminar of this year by the ECA, it addressed the theme, Parental Involvement in Schools and Counselling through Proactive Engagement. This seminar was the initiative of Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson of KiiT International School who is also Territory Head of ECA, Eastern India. Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, opened the seminar session. She underlined the charismatic dynamism of Education as a sector, and the need to go beyond the pages of the textbook, by providing children a holistic, stress free learning experience that could be further enriched by parental resourcing and engagement.

Guest Speakers for the session included Dr. PratapRath, Eminent Psychologist and Child Rights activist, Dr. Rashmi Mishra, eminent educationist and Mrs. Anandita Patnaik, a parent and counsellor.

Dr. PratapRath opened the session and raised the bar for all the parents. A child has a right to be happy, safe and live his life with dignity. An open, friendly and supportive environment was something that he stressed on in order that children are able to confide in parents and tide over their difficulties in life. He also lauded the ECA initiative of KiiT International School and extended his unqualified support for the same. Dr. RashmiMishra, was the voice of experience and wisdom as she highlighted the need for proactive parenting, respecting the thin line between involvement and interference. The significance of a happy school environment and the safety and protection of the child was emphasized by each of the speakers. Mrs. Anandita Patnaik highlighted the new parent concept with the necessity to stay connected with children at all times; one of the ways of doing so was through active parent involvement in the School.

The sessions were peppered with activities and games in order to make it friendly and set the parents at ease. Mrs. Nandita Mishra, Dy Head of KiiT International School welcomed the speakers. The session was anchored by Mrs. Theodora Fernandez, Coordinator, Kinder Orland and ECA member while Mrs. Candida Kennedy, Faculty of Kinder Orland thanked the guests.