It was a proud moment for Odisha when an Intel Hub was inaugurated by Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder KIIT & KISS. KiiT International School (KiiT-IS) was chosen by the computer Giant Intel to be an activity hub for Eastern India to allow for any child in Eastern India to develop their scientific innovations. Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairman, KiiT International School on behalf of the Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, Confederation of India Industry, CII and Intel India welcomed participants from 7 Eastern States to the Initiative for Research and Innovation Science (IRIS) programme. IRIS sends Indian School projects after selection based on originality of idea and problem solving ability, to the annual Intel Science and Engineering Fair, USA.

18 groups will be screened at the KiiT-IS campus by a Scientific Review committee of eminent scientists. Dr. R.N. Ray, Dr. P.C. Sen, Prof Srinivasan and Prof. Bitenjaya will direct the projects from Eastern India to the National IRIS Exhibition in New Delhi. The Inauguration will be done by the Hon. Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi.

Dr. Achyuta Samanta informed that KIIT now had an archer who has been selected to participate in the Olympics, and the children should do well in this International Olympics of Science. Dr. Mona Lisa Bal encouraged the children to be like the Nobel laureates who had visited the campus. Ms. Usha Bhaskar & Mr. Rakesh Pal, co-ordinated on behalf of Intel-India. The Principal Mr. Sanjay Suar and his team have made all efforts to make this endeavour a success, so that the best of best projects can go to the United States of America.