One day workshop on innovative experiments in Physics was held at Anveshika centre, KiiT International School,BBSR on 22nd December 2017 for Senior secondary students. Sixty students of grade XI & XII and ten PGT Physics teachers from different schools had participated in the workshop. Prof. Sarmistha Sahu of Ammani Anveshika,Bangalore was the key Resource person to conduct the workshop.. Principal of KiiT International school Dr. Sanjay Suar welcomed Prof. Sarmistha Sahu. Prof. Bikash Ranjan Mohapatra, member of KiiT IAPT RC-16 guided the participants to carry out the experiments. Mrs.Rajashree Mohapatra,Coordinator of KIT IAPT Anveshika had invited Prof. Sarmistha Sahu to the centre & had organised the workshop .The participants followed the instructions of Prof. Sarmistha Sahu and performed the experiments in group .The write up and questions were provided to them. The experiments were based on

1.Radioactive Branching

2. LDR

3. Pi Monte Carlo

4.Archimedes Principle

5.Spring Constant

6.Young's Double slit –Huygens Principle.

At the end their results were discussed. The students got good results in the experiments. The feedback of the students about the workshop was excellent. They said this type of innovative experiments helped them in clearing their queries of theoretical Physics knowledge. Certificates were awarded to all the participants. Mrs. Rajashree Mohapatra felicitated Prof.Sarmistha Sahu with memento and proposed vote of thanks.

Mrs. Rajashree Mohapatra, Coordinator KIIT IAPT Anveshika.