6th KiiT-IS Model United Nation Conference 2017

With 400 delegates from 28 different schools all across India, the 6th edition of the most coveted conference of Odisha, KiiT-IS MUN was flagged off under the aegis of the Founder of KiiT and KISS, Dr, AchyutaSamanta, President of KiiT and KISS, Mrs SaswatiBal, who graced the event as guests of honour.

The Chairperson of the school, Dr Mona Lisa Bal introduced Sustainable Development Goal 4: Inclusive and Quality Education as the theme of the conference expounding on the necessity of quality education to build a truly democratic society which was followed by some words of encouragement by Mrs.SaswatiBal, President, KIIT and KISS.

Dr.AchyutaSamanta inaugurated the conference with his encouraging speech, welcoming the bright students of KIIT, KISS and the participants from other institutions. He addressed the dire state of instability and conflict that looms over nations and the significance of deliberation to make the world a better place. He reminded the students about the consequences of wars throughout history and mentions how healthy relationships and fair diplomacy can avoid conflicts that are constantly on an uprise around the world.

The Secretary General of the conference, Vaivab Das, opined on how no world treaties, conventions or charters can bring in peace which an open mind can, following which he declared the conference open.

The Teacher Coordinator for the MUN, Mrs Nandita Mishra appealed to the students to make the most of the opportunity, and asked the delegates to focus on quality debates and resolutions with integrity and passion. Principal of KiiT International School, Mr Sanjay Suar thanked the dignitaries on dais for their support and encouragement. He expressed his gratitude to the Executive Body members and the Organising Committee for their tireless efforts to make the MUN a success. He encouraged the delegates to give their best to make the MUN memorable and worthwhile.

Naturally, the day saw hectic parlance and activity in each of the Councils, which will become more constructive over the next to days. At KiiT International School, we seek to change the world, one MUN at a time.