KiiT International School celebrated her 8th birthday in style on 2nd July 2014. The celebrations had a special flavor in the presence of dignitaries of the School. Mrs. Saswati Bal, President, KiiT and KISS added the right amount of gravitas and grace with her presence. Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson of the School welcomed the dignitaries and guests in her address. She reminded all those involved in the business of education that students needed to be supported at all stages, so that they emerged as good human beings who could contribute to nation building beyond the purview of the rat-race of cut offs and high scores. Dr. Achyuta Samanta, our Founder with his embalming touch had a special word for everyone in the audience. He lauded the School for its exceptional track record in all spheres. The need to teach with a human touch and have empathy for the underprivileged students of KISS was the essence of his address. Mr. Ruskin Bond, Padma Bhusan and ambassador of the School spoke to the students with his usual calm and poise. He emphasized that all of us had our share of weaknesses, irrespective of age, and yet, we are all valuable and have a contribution to make. Dr. L.N. Mitra, Chancellor, KIIT University inspired the audience when he harped on the contrasting images of our International School with the Tribal School (KISS) across the road. Both had a niche and a purpose, and in serving that, the KIIT family represented a microcosm of the universe. Mr. P.K. Das, Director highlighted the need to educate not just the head, but also the heart of the children, so that they would dedicate themselves to serving the nation. Principal, Mr. Sanjay Suar presented a report of the School activities drawing out the various innovative activities and programs designed for the benefit of the students.

The meritorious students were given awards while some of the teachers were given Awards of Excellence for their outstanding contribution to the School. Ms. Nikita ahya, Ms. Pushpa Patnaik, Dr. (Mrs.) Arpita Das, Mrs. Rakhi Sahu, and Mrs. Sarbari Patro were recipients of this honor.
Finally, it was the moment that all of us were waiting for... A special cake designed for the School was cut and savored by all as a fitting finale.
Happy Birthday KiiTIS... May you have many more.