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IBIS House Concert

IBIS took the whole school to the land of “RED FEVER” via IBIS Airlines. It was easy, close your eyes and you’re there.The opening lines were – “Life is art. Life of an individual is self expression ………. Life finds expression in the color red”. Indeed it was. So, on the eve of 3oth August 2010, IBIS came out to express life on the stage of art.

We started with the soft tunes of “Vandana”, quietening and soothening the public.We had a bumper start from a dance by the students which was an irony on politics. Next the hall echoed with the love notes of ‘my heart will go on……….’ Then there was a silent skit defying the ones with dialogues. It reflected how man tries to see reflection even in inanimate objects such as the statue. Small jokes and jingles in between the items, added spices to the whole show.

Then the journey became more and more exciting as different items of songs and dances followed. The students were vibrant and radiant throughout their presentation. There was dynamism and meaning that found full expression in all the items. The evening was very special also because the school band – LISON TINY – made a debut that day. The appreciation by the Principal & the CEO encouraged the participants & took their energy levels to double heights.

The true essence of life lies in one’s happiness and cheerfulness in which IBIS succeeded as the audience went back in happy moods.Finally, the flight took off unwillingly from the land of “RED FEVER”