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IBDP courses offered at KiiT

KiiT International Schoolís proposed IBDP subject selection is as follows:
Group Subject Level
1 English Language and Literature HL/SL
2 Hindi B HL/SL
2 French ab initio or B , Spanish ab initio or B SL
3 Business and Management, Economics, ITGS, History, Geography HL/SL
4 Physics, Chemistry, Biology HL/SL
5 Math HL, Math SL, Math Studies SL HL/SL
6 Film, Visual Art, Theatre, Computer Science HL/SL
Core Requirements Extended Essay (EE) , Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Compulsory
Considering your subject selection:
  Six subjects are taken at either Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL).
  HL subjects (240 teaching hours) represent the depth in studies and are chosen with university programs and future aspirations in mind.
  SL subjects (150 hours) represent the breadth and underpin the IBís philosophy of academic balance.
  Normally three subjects are taken at HL and three at SL.
  The Core Requirements are compulsory.
  Students must take 1 subject from each Group.
  If students do not wish to take a Group 6 subject, they may choose another subject from Group 3 or Group 4.
For more details on subject selection,click here.