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House Concerts


Ioras House Concert

Ioras House talent took its full bloom on 30 July,2010 with Twilight Concert. It started off with a huge bang. Almost all the students of the school were there to witness it. The hosts for the night were Udit Rout, Deblina Roy, Varun Dev Dutta and Ritu Kumari who led the show to its highest spirits ...More

Ibis House - Concert

Ibis took the whole school to the land of “RED FEVER” via Ibis Airlines. It was easy, close your eyes and you’re there. The opening lines were – “Life is art. Life of an individual is self expression ………. Life finds expression in the color red”. Indeed it was. So, on the eve of 3oth August 2010, Ibis came out to express life on the stage of art. ...More

Kingfishers House - Concert

The stage was set, the mood was right, more so because the children had completed their examinations and were waiting for their Dussehra holidays to begin. It was time for Celebration!! The Kingfishers, or Blue House, very aptly called their concert the “Azure” evening. Azure means deep sky-blue colour. In the backdrop of the deep blue sky, our school’s stars not just twinkled, but outshone everyone else...More

Toucans House - Concert

The Green House concert named ‘COLLIDE’ was conducted on 9th November 2010 with all Pomp and glory. Starting from the invocation of the almighty till the rendition of classical dance numbers, the mime, the yoga and to top it all the alien’s visit from planet Mercury all was marvellous. It was a programme of fun, music, decorum and sanity.More