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Workshop on English Language at KiiT International School
Our school, in collaboration with Regional English Language Office (RELO) of the Embassy of United States Of America, hosted a workshop on English Language Skills on July 30 and July 31, 2010.
This workshop was lead by Mr. Cray Staggs, an American ELT( English Language Teachers) trainer . The purpose of this event was to make English teaching more effective by developing the pedagogical skills of English language teachers.
The two days workshop was divided into three sessions
# Session 1: Benefits Of Task Based Instruction (TBI).
# Session 2: Dealing with errors in Speaking and Writing / Corrective Feedback / Testing and Evaluation.
# Session 3: Making Input Comprehensible.
52 participants from 20 schools in the city participated in the workshop.
Participants enjoyed Mr. Stagg’s enthusiastic and energetic presentation style.
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