ECA Parental Workshop

ECA Parental Workshop was held in KiiT International School on 3rd May 2016. The main speakers and resource persons were Mrs Margaret Das and Mr. Santosh Akki.

The Territory Head of ECA Eastern region and chairperson of KiiT International School Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, opened the workshop by addressing the parents on a welcome note and expressing her happiness to have parents involved in the school curriculum and activities, as we all know that the all-round development of a child involves all three- Parent, Teacher and Child.

Mrs. Margaret Das addressed the parents on issues of parents spending time with and understanding that every child needs his or her parents to be involved in their school activities and their presence in school. She expressed her concern 'On Going Assessments' and to do away with regular examinations or Tests. She also asked the Parents not to be mark oriented as every child is good in his or her own way. Children need to be encouraged and not compared with other children. Parents attention is a must and all are requested to spend time with their children.

Mr. Santosh Akki showed a PPT to enlighten the parents that reading is a good habit and we as Parents have to encourage our children to read more rather than spend time on Ipads, Television and Phones. He also showed them a graph on the developmental growth of children and at each level how reading helps in the growth and progress of the child.

You will be happy to know that the parents involvement was very positive and they were overwhelmed with the discussions and expressed their consent to be involved in the school activities and were happy that our school gave them this platform to express themselves in an open manner. As Parents become increasingly involved in their children's learning, we believe that true and authentic learning rather than test taking will become the order of the day.