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School Foundation day
As the day dawned on the 2nd July 2010 , KiiT International School was filled with ecstasy to celebrate its 3rd foundation day with fun and frolic.
Students were engrossed to decorate the school with the colour of their dreams. The much cherished moment arrived when the dignified guests Dr. Abhimanyu Unuth, a famous writer , poet and novelist in Hindi Literature and Dr.Kaiser Haq, a prolific writer stepped into the hall with Dr. A. Samanta, the Chairman and founder of KIIT and KISS, Mrs. Saswati Bal, The President, KiiT International School, the Directors, Deans and Executives of KIIT. Mrs Monalisa Bal, the CEO rendered the welcome speech as the school ambience echoed with the applause of happiness. As a senior professor in Dhaka university, Dr. Haq who wrote innumerable essays, novels and poems based on manís loneliness, nostalgia, and freedom, inspired the students to pursue with their studies but at the same time to retain a patriotic feelings and love for oneís own school and the country. A notable writer in Hindi Dr. Abhimanyu Unuth, described vividly about his experiences in Mauritious and about his masterpiece Lal Pasina for which he acclaimed fame in the literary circle.
Both the writers initiated the interactive session and blessed the students on this auspicious day by sharing their enriching experiences to help the students to set milestones in the journey of learning. This enigmatic experience reached its heights as the birthday cake of the school trollied down towards the guests to be cut to commemorate the day. The hall echoed with the song of the choir with bursting of balloons to mark the festivity of cutting the birthday cake.
Dr.A. Samanta motivated the students to lead a meaningful life of quality in deeds and in their achievements.
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Suar, the Principal gave the vote of thanks to tie a memorable end to conclude the programme.
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